Sometimes You Just Need a Purple Elephant. And why not? Using non-traditional, vibrant alcohol ink colours and loose, flowing lines, I aim to create a state of mindfulness in the viewers. With animals being my preferred subject, I start with an accurate and realistic depiction of the eyes, which I feel are the critical feature. Once I have captured the expression, I gravitate outwards to formulate a nose, ear or other discerning features. From this point onward, I capitalize on the unpredictable characteristics, vibrancy and fluidity of the inks with limited control on my part. I let the ink run, mingle and splatter and in doing so, am able to easily depict a sense of liveliness and movement.
I want my pieces to jolt the viewer out of their everyday thoughts and bring them immediately and fully into the present where they can’t help but take in the colors, the light, the impact and the emotions. In doing so, I hope to simply make the viewer mindful of the beauty and existence of other species and by extension, elevate people’s concern and action on issues that affect animals; ethical and humane treatment or preservation of their endangered habitats.